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Mytra’s boxing shorts are a pro-style addition to the boxing gear range. These shorts are made from satin polyester transcendent in terms of durability and style. Satin polyester gives the luxuriously smooth, silky, glossy look and feel. These ultra-lightweight anatomically designed boxing shorts do not hamper the athlete’s mobility. It has nano-pores technology for thermal regulation to keep the athlete fresh during active performance. Elastic waistband with internal drawstring provides snugness at par ensures optimum level in training. Knitted using K-knit Pico thread technology powered by D-Vento pores these shorts wicks the moisture and allow easy ventilation. Its sleek and stylish looking design is perfect choice to make a grand entrance to the ring.
Durable, Machine washable and partial weather proof fabric gives it a smooth and stylish look. Glossy fabric adds comfort to the style. Premium Polyester makes it strong, light weight and resilient to shrinkage, stretching, mildew, creasing. Satin makes it luxuriously smooth silky and drapes nicely.
Stretchable waist panel allow athlete to perform full range of stretch and splits augments agility and performance. Wider leg opening do not hamper free movement by giving athlete enough room to move freely. Spacious groin area to allow fitting for a groin guard.
The X-wide elastic waistband with internal drawstring ensures snug fit. An Anti-slip light weight design doesn’t tax the athlete with extra burden maximizes comfort and stability. Stitched with X-8 advanced stitching technology enhances durability and usability.
Powered by SFF-Skin friendly satin fabric with added anti-microbial properties to help repel excessive sweat during active performance and prevent bacterial and odor build-up.
These boxing shorts are ideal to be worn in Professional and Amateur fights, boxing Muay Thai, MMA and sparring. The high quality Satin Fabric is durable and long lasting with added Anti-Microbial properties.

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